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Our history

For over 45 years in fresh vegetables!

1975 :
Foundation of Gaec Jézéquel by Jacques Jezequel.

1987 :
Start of direct marketing of fresh vegetables.

2006 :
Global Gap Certification

2008 :
Foundation of SARL Jézéquel Primeurs.

The objective was to use this structure to also market the culture of neighboring farms.

The sons of Jacques Jezequel, Alain and Jean-Paul become CEO.

2018 :

Zero Pesticide Residue Certification (ZRP). See:

Today :

The SARL Jézéquel Primeurs now brings together the production of fifteen farms within a radius of about 15 km.

The main emphasis is on cauliflower and artichoke, but also red and white cabbage, broccoli and Romanesco. About 70% of these products are exported to Germany and England, the rest being dedicated to French supermarkets.

Thanks to a 2,500m² warehouse, the goods are packaged and stored in ideal conditions. With a production line installed in the warehouse, cauliflower is also prepared for the frozen food industry.

The team of SARL Jezequel Primeurs is made up of around fifteen employees plus ten seasonal workers. Including the affiliated farms, about 70 people deal exclusively with the cultivation, packaging and marketing of vegetables from Trégor.

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